Best Damn Nuts Kristina's Kitchen Artisanal edibles, chock full of Yum!

How We Got Started,

On a sunny May afternoon in 2015 I was out with friends at a local tavern, and I noticed that folks were eating things like chips and meat sticks. I have always enjoyed creating gourmet and artisanal foods for my family and friends, so I decided to develop a healthy snacking alternative for my local community. That is how Rosemary Cayenne Cashews were born! Kristina’s Kitchen now supplies several businesses in the bay area with our nut varieties and delicious gourmet granola. I encourage you to try our artisanal edibles you won’t be disappointed. They are “chock full of yum!” We live in the sleepy little bay area town of Crockett in California. Crockett is a small eclectic town tucked along the Carquinez straits filled with friendly family run businesses, and a close knit neighborly atmosphere.